12 Fun Halloween Treats To Make With Gerry Wraps

[av_one_full first av_uid=’av-39wq60′]Here are some fun scary snacks to to make your Halloween trick and treaters, or party guests if you are hosting a spooky soiree.

Gerry’s Wraps are perfect for making these quick and easy treats.

Make ’em gluten free with our Go No Gluten Wrap (sizes medium and large) and Corn Star Versatile Mini Tortilla.


Easy Halloween Mini Pizzas

Go to CBC for recipe




Mad Scientist Wraps

Go to Better Homes And Gardens for recipe




Capsicum Jack-O-Lanterns & Tortilla Bones

Go to Chef Julie Yoon for recipe




Cinnamon Tortilla Jack-O-Lanterns

Go to Come Together Kids for recipe




Spooky Spider Web Pizza (Replace Pizza Base With Gerry’s Wrap)

Go to She Knows for recipe




Funny Face Savouries

Go to Better Homes And Gardens for recipe




Tombstone Taco Dip

Go to Better Homes And Gardens for recipe




Tarantula Tacos

Go to Betty Crocker for recipe




Cobweb Nacho Cups

Go to The Hopeless Housewife for recipe




Halloween Finger Food

Go to Bacon Time With The Hungry Hypo for recipe




Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas

Go to Crafty Morning for recipe




Bat Tortilla Chips

Go to Raley’s for recipe




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