Smoked-salmon-and spinach-pizza-with-mountain-bread-base

Smoked Salmon Pizza On Mountain Bread

Smoked salmon is a Kiwi favourite & this pizza made with Mountain Bread™, sweet spanish onions & mozzarella cheese is tasty and low calorie.

Savoury Pinwheels

These delicate soft pinwheels of mash, bacon, parsley and sweet onion are delicious & may be prepared ahead of time to heat just before serving.

Garlic Chips & Dips

A tasty TV snack for one, or an easy-to-prepare sharing dish for a small gathering; these chips and dips are easy to make with fresh, healthy ingredients.

Gerry’s Easy Corn Enchiladas

Straight from the kitchens of Mexico and Gerry, these soft chicken-filled enchiladas smothered in rich tomato sauce & cheese will have you & your household addicted!

BBQ Chicken Rolls With Avocado

These BBQ chicken-avocado rolls are the perfect way to use up weekend leftovers for a tasty lunch or dinner.

Hot and Sour Prawns With Crispy Noodles

This colourful bounty of fresh veges and prawns on a bed of crispy noodles is fast, tasty and oh so healthy
Mountain Bread Sweet Chilli Squid With Rocket

Sweet Chilli Squid With Rocket

Crunchy snow peas and crispy Mountain Bread cases are the support acts for this delicious soft squid with a sweet chilli-lime bite
Triathlete-Liam-Friary-at-Orca-Swim-Run-Series-Oct, 2012

Athletes Better For Cutting Carbs & Gluten

Some research shows that eating low carbs & avoiding gluten during training results in weight loss and improved energy, digestion & sleep for athletes.