Hot and Sour Prawns With Crispy Noodles

This colourful bounty of fresh veges and prawns on a bed of crispy noodles is fast, tasty and oh so healthy
Triathlete-Liam-Friary-at-Orca-Swim-Run-Series-Oct, 2012

Athletes Better For Cutting Carbs & Gluten

Some research shows that eating low carbs & avoiding gluten during training results in weight loss and improved energy, digestion & sleep for athletes.

Today’s High Fat Low Carb Food Pyramid

The Western world's traditional food pyramid is being turned on its head with claims that diabetics can improve their health with a low-carb-high-fat diet.
Lance McCarthy Danielle Currie and Gerry Barrett of Gerry's Wraps

Cantabrian Defies Odds For World Champs

Danielle Currie will represent New Zealand with her team at the Canoe Racing World Champs in Hungary with full support from employers Gerry's Wraps.