Choose Wisely With Foodeye

Gerry’s Wraps is on mobile phone app Foodeye – a shopping app which helps you make the best food choices.

Yesterday, someone asked me to help them choose the lowest-carb cooking chocolate for a cake they were making their diabetic son. Using the Foodeye app we quickly worked out the best chocolate to buy – easy!

Foodeye is a phone app which helps you compare information about what’s in your food. Our Gerry’s Wraps and Mountain Bread products are some of the many products listed.

You can scan a product’s barcode to find detailed information about it including ingredients, nutritional panel information, any allergen warnings, health and nutritional claims, endorsements and where the product was made.

It’s also easy to compare two products to find the best choice for your needs, as we did with the cooking chocolate yesterday.

There is currently only an app for iphone which you can download here but hopefully they’ll have an app for Android phones soon.

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