Easy Gluten Free Food


Easy Ways To Eat Gluten Free

Avoiding gluten in your diet can seem time consuming and expensive. But don’t worry, as there are many tasty options that make eating gluten free quick and easy.

Much-loved food containing gluten like pasta, bread and pizza are off the menu for Coeliacs and gluten intolerants, and a life without such treats can seem depressing and boring, especially if you are someone who loves their food!


Avoiding gluten can seem like hard work, but you can still eat your favourite pasta dishes by choosing gluten-free alternatives available in most shops in New Zealand. Courtesy: Wikipedia


But you can still have your cake and eat it

Happily, there are bread and pasta alternatives that contain no gluten, and products and grains that are naturally gluten free, including corn, rice, quinoa, chia, wheatgrass and many others.

New Zealanders are also lucky to have access to an excellent range of gluten-free cake and pancake mixes — many of which taste divine — as well as tasty gluten-free pasta and bread.

gluten free strawberry cupcakes

Gluten-free cakes like this are quick and easy to make with gluten-free flour and baking mixes. Both are readily available in most supermarkets in New Zealand. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


Also on the gluten-free menu are Gerry’s Wraps – made of corn

Gerry’s Wraps has the largest range gluten-free wraps in New Zealand and they are made of corn.

Our wraps are perfect for Coeliacs and others on gluten-free diets.

Our gluten-free range is made to measure; from baby-sized Corn Star tortillas (10 cm) to medium-sized (18 cm) Go No Gluten Wrap and large-sized (25 cm) Go No Gluten Wrap.

The large 25 cm tortilla also comes in our newest flavour — spinach — as our yummy Go No Gluten Super Spinach Wrap.

Gerry’s Wraps gluten-free wraps range is the biggest in New Zealand and comes in 3 handy sizes: Small (Corn Star), Medium (Go No Gluten Wrap 18 cm), and Large ((Go No Gluten Wrap 25 cm). Our newest wrap is a 25 cm tortilla made with spinach (Go No Gluten Super Spinach Wrap 25 cm).


Corn tortillas have been around for ages

Corn has been a staple food in the Americas for thousands of years. South Americans use corn to make tortillas which are then made into a marvellous range of delicious and healthy meals, including burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, taquitos and tortilla chips.

Gerry’s Wraps’ range of gluten-free corn tortillas is also made of corn sourced mostly from the Americas, which is where the best corn in the world grows.

Women making tortillas in Mexico in 1800s

Corn tortillas have been a staple in the Americas for thousands of years, as seen in this section of a 1830s lithograph by artist Carl Nebel called “Las Tortilleras” which shows women making tortillas, early 19th century Mexico. Courtesy: Wikipedia


Make a gluten-free meal out of anything with Gerry’s Wraps corn tortillas

Gerry’s Wraps wraps (or corn tortillas) make a gluten-free meal out of just about anything. Starting with a simple tortilla, you can add fillings and heat for varying lengths of time to end up with a wide range of meals including:


Gluten Free Pizza

Pastry substitute for tarts

Yummy Mexican-inspired treats

Bread substitute for sandwiches – try rolls instead

Pasta free lasagne




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