Readers’ Recipes For Gluten Free Super Spinach Wrap

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Thank you to all our readers for their recipes ideas on what to cook with our Go No Gluten Super Spinach Wrap!

Post your favourite recipe for our gluten-free Super Spinach Wrap on Instagram to see it here, using #gonoglutensuperspinachwrap.

Made with lupin and a hint of beetroot, our Gerry`s Low Carb pasta delivers an incredible 40% protein, 38% fibre and only a smidge of carbs (4g per 100g)! 💪

Perfect for busy households where balancing your health goals while also feeding hungry partners and kids is tricky! ⏰

How to Prepare Gerry`s Low Carb Pasta:
Simply prepare your pasta sauce as you would normally (we`ve opted for a vegetarian minestrone here) and then divide the pasta sauce for your low carb eaters into a separate pot/wok on the stove.
Add additional liquid (ie broth, juice from canned tomatoes or water) and add the pasta directly from the packet.
Simmer for 2-3min max.
Remove from the heat & enjoy.

Simple, fast and healthy real food.

Buy your pasta at

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Make Gerry’s Low Carb Beetroot Pasta with us!

If you’re looking to increase your protein and fibre without the carbs and still eat pasta, our new range is for you!!

Taking inspiration from a healthy minestrone base, we added fresh kale and chicken stock to the sofrito and let it simmer for 15min.

Just as the kitchen was smelling divine and we were ready for dinner, we added the pasta and let that simmer for 2-3min max.

Served with fresh Parmesan and fresh salt and pepper and a nourishing bowl of tasty food is ready.

At 40% protein and 38% fibre, Gerry’s Low Carb pasta lets you put pasta back on the menu.

Available online only at

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Looking for ways to increase your protein intake and save money?

Try adding some finely ground Gerry’s Buns to your burgers, meatballs and even use as a crunchy topping.

With hungry pre-teenagers in the house, it seems nearly impossible some days to satisfy their hunger and boost their protein. Sneaking finely ground Gerry’s buns into their meals has meant they are fuller and have the added benefit of protein and fibre from the Gerry’s buns.

Freezing the finely ground buns mean you can whip them out and use them to bulk up your meal, reducing the meat or fish in your recipe!
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Breakfast is served with Gerry`s Protein Rich Cereal!

This hearty granola is made with Lupin, Almonds, Walnuts, Coconuts, hemp and puffed quinoa for a seriously healthy, nutritious start to your day.

Add some to your cart at and find it in the Low Carb Snacks.

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Breakfast has just been optimised!

Made with real ingredients you can recognise!

Healthy low carb goodness of lupin, almond, walnuts, puffed quinoa, hemp and coconut!

Available in 400g packs from Gerry’s online only.


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Boost your breakfast with Gerry`s Protein Rich Granola!

Made with healthy ingredients such as walnuts, coconut, almond and hemp, our granola is perfect to enjoy with your favourite milk or yogurt.

Full of nutrients, prebiotics, fibre and protein, this is definitely one way to kick start your day!

Available online only at

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