Results Of Corn Star Competition

Winners and placings for Gerry's Wraps Corn Star Photo Competition

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Enchiladas, mini pizzas, snack n’ stacks, savouries, wraps, Mexican bowls, pies, tostadas, tiny tacos and even chocolate-filled, custard-covered wraps were entered in our Corn Star Recipe Photo Competition.

Congratulations to winner Alissa Reid, with her ‘Healthy Chicken Chilli Black Bean Enchiladas’ made with Gerry’s Go Low Carb Wrap. Alissa wins $750 of New World shopping vouchers just in time for Christmas with a staggering final total of 398!

Second-place getter was Claire McIntyre with her ‘Chicken Enchiladas’ also made with Gerry’s Go Low Carb Wrap and in third place was Michaela Knudsen with her ‘MICmini BLAT’ (bacon lettuce and tomato) made with our newest gluten-free wrap, Gerry’s Corn Star mini tortilla.

Other high-placing entries were Mexican-bowl-themed recipes by Hannah Milner & Amy Cosford.

Some people were so creative they submitted several entries including Michaela Knudsen, Nikki Howarth & Junell Moss, who entered the competition’s only (mouthwatering) dessert recipe.

Tostadas and pizzas entered by Nina Legge & Jackie Small rounded off the competition.

Winners and placings for Gerry's Wraps Corn Star Photo Competition
Thank you so much to all our entrants for Gerry’s Wraps’ Corn Star Photo Competition. We were so impressed by how many people got involved, both the entrants and those who voted for their favourite recipes. Congratulations to Alissa Reid who wins $750 New World Shopping Vouchers! Please note the scores in the bottom right hand corner under each recipe are not the final scores which surged in the competition’s final hours – Instead these are listed in a graphic below.

Thankfully we didn’t have to choose the winner, using instead Woobox to count votes and likes from Facebookers, which eventually decided the winner rankings. Recipes using our newest gluten-free product Gerry’s Corn Star mini tortilla had their totals doubled.































































We are so impressed by everyone’s clever ways of cooking with our wraps and will be adding every entry to our list of recipes on our website in 2015, crediting each cook with their creation.

Thanks to all the entrants for taking the time to cook and then enter their recipes in our competition.

The success of the competition was also due to the huge turnout of voters who got involved voting for each of the entries – thank you so much.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season.


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