Sweet Chilli Chicken Pockets


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Sweet Chilli Chicken Pockets

Swap pastry for Mountain Bread for a healthier, lower-calorie option with this sweet chilli chicken pockets recipe – delicious and healthy!

Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook time:40 minutes


250 gm chicken mince
1 tablespoon coriander pesto
1 egg
½ lemon, juiced
½ onion, diced
6 sheets of Mountain Bread™
½ cup vegetable oil juiced


In a bowl, combine mince, pesto, egg, lemon juice and onion. Set aside.

Cut the Mountain Bread™ into 3 length ways. Place a spoonful of chicken mix onto one side of the Mountain Bread™. Brush the edges with a little oil. Fold to form a triangle.

Heat the vegetable oil in a pan. Add triangles and cook on low to medium heat until both sides are golden brown and the chicken is cooked.

Serve on a plate with sweet chilli sauce.

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