Lupin – Not only a great low-carb alternative, it’s full of goodness!!!

At Gerrys we use Lupin Flour in our Low Carb Bread, Buns, Rolls and NEW Pizza Bases

Lupin Flour is a legume flour that is used in low carb baking. This high protein, high fibre flour is made entirely from the sweet lupin bean. Sweet lupin beans are closely related to peanuts and soybeans.

Lupin Flour is not only a great low carb-high protein flour, it also has multiple health benefits which is why we have chosen to use it in our products.

What are some of the benefits?

Good for your body – Due to the high fibre and protein, lupin flour helps to keep you fuller for longer. Clinical studies have shown that including lupin to a meal increases satiety(the feeling of fullness) and lowers the body’s total energy intake throughout the day.

Managing blood sugars – Low Carb foods like lupin is great for glucose management, which can help to prevent nasties like diabesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Good for your gut – The key to a healthy gut is prebiotics: the food probiotics eat. Lupin is packed with prebiotic fibre. By feeding those probiotics you can expect noticeable improvements in food intolerance, mood enhancement and energy, better insulin response and so much more.

Try our Lupin Flour containing products today and reap the benefits!!!