Do you ship to Australia?   Yes! We certainly do!  We have a great service that will be to your place in Australia within 7 days.  This will leave you with ten days of shelf life on your bread. Please note that we recommend storing in the fridge or freezer upon receipt and until you are ready to enjoy it.

The courier has not delivered my product yet, will my products still be fresh? We dispatch on the day your bread, buns, and rolls are baked, the packaging is gas-flushed and vacuum-sealed. Additionally, we ship our products in be-spoke cartons which are designed to keep the product snug and minimize movement in the box. We take these steps to ensure your product arrives in optimum condition.

There is a hole in my bread Our breads, buns and rolls are hand-rolled daily in our Christchurch bakery. Unlike mass-produced factory loaves, sometimes it is possible that a tiny air pocket forms during the rolling process, which the baker may not see. We accept our products for all their amazing, nutritional values, their artisanal characteristics and occasional holes. But we understand that may not be the case for all, so if your loaf has a hole which is a major issue, reach out to our team and let us know!

Updating my subscription – You can update your subscription at any time.  From adding items to removing or changing the quantities the below video shows you a step-by-step guide to do this.

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