WIN this Gerry‘s X Justine’s Giveaway!!!

To celebrate the launch of Justine's product range on, we are giving you the chance to win this ultimate low carb-high protein prize pack!!! Read this to find out how to enter...
June 28, 2022/by Sydnee Taylor

The little legume that packs a punch – Lupin

Lupin Flour is not only a great low carb-high protein flour, it also has multiple health benefits which is why we have chosen to use it in our products. Read this for more info on what Lupin Flour is and the benefits!
June 21, 2022/by Sydnee Taylor

Health Conditions That Can Benefit From A Ketogenic Or Low Carb Diet

Real life stories from Kiwis who choose to eat low carb or ketogenic for health reasons, with expert opinion from Dr Caryn Zinn, a New Zealand academic, dietician and co-author of the book series What The Fat?
July 26, 2020/by Laura Tulloch
low carb recipes including wraps, pizza and tortillas

Keto Friendly Recipes With Pure Wrap & Go Low Carb Wrap

These keto-friendly Instagram recipes made with our NEW Pure Wrap & Go Low Carb Wrap are perfect for low carb and ketogenic diets.
June 19, 2019/by Laura Tulloch
Gerrys Keto Pure Wraps

New Keto, Gluten Free & Low Carb Coconut Wrap

Made with coconut flour, this brand new wrap is perfect for those on restricted diets including keto dieters, coeliacs and diabetics and those following paleo, plant-based, vegetarian, vegan or raw lifestyles.
June 15, 2019/by Laura Tulloch
man in jeans torso showing his empty pockets

Helping Kiwi Coeliacs On A Shoestring Budget

Join our Facebook group to learn how other Kiwi Coeliacs manage on a limited budget. We also focus on how you apply for disability allowances available through WINZ.
March 15, 2018/by Laura Tulloch
Corn Star Readers recipe

Corn Star Gluten Free Mini Wrap – Readers’ Recipes

See the LIVE Instagram feed of our readers' recipes ideas for what to cook with our gluten free Corn Star mini wrap.
May 3, 2017/by Laura Tulloch
colourful christmas tree made with spinach wrap pinwheels

Readers’ Recipes For Gluten Free Super Spinach Wrap

See the LIVE Instagram feed of our readers' recipes ideas for what to cook with our Go No Gluten Super Spinach Wrap.
February 18, 2017/by Laura Tulloch
gluten free strawberry cupcakes

Easy Gluten Free Food

Gluten free meals are quick and easy with Gerry's Wraps corn tortillas, and make a gluten-free meal out of just about anything. Perfect for Coeliacs and gluten intolerants, our wraps make eating gluten free easy, affordable and quick.
February 17, 2017/by Laura Tulloch
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