Lance’s Bacon & Spinach Savouries

Low Calorie Vegetarian Tart

Coeliac Recipes

Gluten Free Christmas Mince Pies

Kumara Chicken & Spinach Lunch Wraps

Diabetes Recipes

Low Calorie Pizza – Vegetarian

Crunchy Bok Choy Salad

Easy Lemon Chicken Rolls

No Pasta Ravioli With Pumpkin And Pine Nuts


Chicken Asparagus And Bocconcini Wellington

Gerry’s Easy Corn Enchiladas

Low Calorie Pizza – Vegetarian

Pasta Free Lasagne

Smoked Salmon Pizza On Mountain Bread

Gluten Free Diet

BBQ Chicken Rolls With Avocado

Pumpkin Sage & Mushroom Dinner Nachos

Low Carb Diet

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Taquitos

Low Carb Moussaka Recipe

Turkey and Salad Wonder Wrap


No Pasta Lasagne With Lamb

Turkish Light Lunch Tostadas

Roast Kumara And Pancetta Wraps

Sweet Chilli Squid With Rocket

Yoghurt Curry Chicken Wraps

Mountain Bread Recipes

Banana Churros And Ice Cream

Low Calorie Bread And Butter Pudding

Mountain Bread Easy Passata Recipe

No Pastry Vegetarian Tart


Gerry’s Special Salsa Recipe

Garlic Chips And Dips

Savoury Pinwheels

Sweet Chilli Chicken Pockets


Low Calorie Orange Blossom Tarts

Custard Recipe For Tarts With Sweet Lemon Coconut

Pastry Free Berry Calzones

Yeast Free Diet

Hot And Sour Prawns With Crispy Noodles

Lemon Chicken Lime And Ginger Rolls

Tangy Healthful Asian Beef Wraps



Gerry’s Shop


Gerry’s Wraps Range

Go Low Carb Wrap – Lowest Carbs in NZ

Go No Gluten Wrap Large – Gluten Free

Go No Gluten Wrap Medium – Wheat Free

Corn Star Mini Wrap

Mountain Bread Range

Mountain Bread Barley

Mountain Bread Chia With Omega

Mountain Bread Corn – Yeast Free

Mountain Bread Natural – Organic

Mountain Bread Rice – Lowest Calories NZ

Mountain Bread Spelt

Wrap Packs

Wrap Pack – The Works

Wrap Pack – Workout Wonder Pack

Wrap Pack: Diabetics’ Delight

Wrap Pack: Gluten & Wheat Free

Wrap Pack: Waist Watchers’ Reward

Wrap Pack: You Are What You Eat




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Athletes Better For Cutting Carbs And Gluten

Going Gluten Free Aids Multisporter

Today’s High Fat Low Carb Food Pyramid



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