Athletes Better For Cutting Carbs & Gluten

Liam Friary at Orca Swim Run Series Oct, 2012
Some athletes like Kiwi Triathlete Liam Friary are finding that cutting carbs and/or gluten during training and competitions can result in better performance & reduced gut irritation – a common problem for hard-training athletes. Liam is seen here at the Orca Swim Run Series in Auckland, New Zealand in 2012. Photo courtesy of Scottie T Photography

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Talk of eating low carb high fat (LCHF) for enhanced performance is on the up, as is opting to go gluten free.

The jury is still out on whether LCHF is good for athletic performance, but some research is finding that eating LCHF results in weight loss, increased and better-sustained energy levels and improved sleep.

This happens when eating LCHF, as it is thought make your body become ‘fat adapted’ which means the body begins using fat as its main energy source after carbs are restricted.

Choosing to eat LCHF can pose questions about which foods to eat and which to avoid. Sandwiches are off limits but if the thought depresses you; don’t worry as Gerry’s Wraps does a Go Low Carb wrap that is tasty and satisfying.

Rated New Zealand’s lowest-carb wrap, Gerry’s Go Low Carb wrap can be used in numerous ways to replace carbs including bread, pizza bases and pasta to make meals instantly low carb.

Going gluten free is another option considered by many athletes aiming to lose weight and avoid tummy troubles (otherwise known as gut rot) or other training-induced inflammation – a problem prevalent in endurance athletes.

But going gluten free doesn’t mean missing out as Gerry’s Wraps does a delicious Go No Gluten wrap. Heated, these wraps transform into just about any tasty snack or meal ranging from a sandwich replacement to a taco-based meal, tortilla chips, soft enchiladas or crispy cases filled with any delicious mixture.

Made from GMO-free corn, Gerry’s Go No Gluten wraps are super delicious, warm or cold.

Once opened, a pack of Gerry’s Go No Gluten wraps keeps in a snap lock bag for up to three months in your pantry, which means they’re always on hand for instant refueling.

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