Turkish Light Lunch Tostadas


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Turkish Light Lunch Tostadas

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Mediterranean AND Mexican? Why ever not? This cuisine combination looks good & tastes divine.  

A healthy alternative to bread & sandwiches, these tasty tostadas are a bit of eye candy & will impress your guests if you serve them as a starter or main at a lunch party.

Kids also love being able to pick off the tasty morsels of cheese, grapes and apples before eating the hummus base broken up like yummy pieces of hummus-covered toast.

Sweet, savoury, nutty & cheesy – delish!



200gm hummus
1 small bag of fine lettuce greens or rocket
140gm walnuts or walnut pieces
1 red apple (NZ Rose, Braeburn or Royal Galas are nice), cored with skin on and diced into 1 cm cubes
1 small bag of red seedless grapes
1 pack of creamy blue cheese (Puhoi Valley & Waimata do some nice ones or if you live in Canterbury & want to go really special, you could try some of the Mt Grey ‘Barnes Blue’ cheese)
olive oil spray
1 pack of Gerry’s Go No Gluten Wraps Medium (for wheat-free, gluten-free option)
1 pack of Gerry’s Go Low Carb Wraps (for low-carb option)


Makes 6 tostadas (six servings)

Prep time:  20 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins

Preparing the tostadas
Tostadas may be prepared ahead and stored in an airtight container for a few days, although they really are best fresh and a little warm from the heating.

Heat wraps in sandwich press, frypan (until steaming) or oven (200C for around 7 mins) until hot but not burnt and leave to cool. Brush Go No Gluten Wraps with a little water before heating. Wraps will harden as they cool.  If heating in the oven, spray a little olive oil spray 0n the tray beforehand.

Dressing the tostadas
When cool and hard, spread each wrap liberally with hummus – about the same as you’d put on toast but not too much ahead of time as the moisture in the hummus will eventually soften the tostadas

Top with greens, then apples, then grapes, walnuts and globs (around a teaspoon each of blue cheese torn apart with your hands).

Season with salt and pepper and a little dressing of your choice if you wish although there should be no need as the flavours of sweet grapes and apples married with the saltiness of the blue cheese should balance nicely on their own.

Serve & enjoy!

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